Debunking High School Myths


Bella Montoya, Journalist

Another school year, back in swing, and a new batch of freshmen welcome themselves in. Three years ago, I remember my first day so vividly. But, as a freshman, you are told these unbelievable lies, but at that young, impressionable age, you believe everything older people say! Now, as a senior, I feel it’s my duty to inform and practically make fun of these bizarre stories. Without further-ado, here’s the real truth about high school.


Freshman Friday’s: Going into high school, I was told by my friend’s older brother that on every Friday, seniors search for little freshmen to scoop up and torment. Specifically, homecoming week, on color day; I was told seniors run around with pink wrapping paper, pink tape, even pink spray paint, and tag up freshman. I was petrified walking into school that first color day, but nothing happened. I was dumbfounded, I kept checking every corner, but by the time school was over, I didn’t have an inch of pink on me! From that point on, I knew the Seniors wanted nothing to do with me, in the best way.


Pool on the CC Building:  At Freshman Orientation, all the mentors told the 700 freshmen that Mountain Ridge’s very own swimming pool resided on top of the CC Building. Now, in my tiny brain, that didn’t really sound right. Like wouldn’t the pressure of the water cause leaks? But, for a while, I actually bought it! One day, I looked on google maps of our campus, and to my surprise, there was no pool in sight. Total bummer.


Cliques: Unlike the movies, high school cliques don’t entirely exist; emphasis on the entirely. Of course, people hang out with others who share common interests, but some people take it to the extreme. Here at Ridge, I haven’t seen many cliques, just tight friend groups. But, in case you’re still worried, let me practically spell it out. No, the jocks will not throw you into trash cans, and no, the ‘popular’ kids won’t make fun of you for wearing crocs. 


You Need The Newest & Coolest Car: In almost every high school movie, the teens are seen driving these insanely nice cars! In most cinemas, they relate popularity with what materialistic goods you have. It’s so far from the truth, it’s hilarious.  Sure, at Ridge, many kids are blessed with wonderful cars; but your worth or identity shouldn’t revolve around what car you drive.


The Only Thing That Matters Are Grades: With graduation creeping closer, College occupies many students minds. Many High Schoolers are riddled with anxiety about not succeeding, or not getting into a certain college. But in all actuality, grades are only a small fraction of high school. I would try and aim to keep a balance of grades and involvement with extra curriculars. Go to sport games, join a club, anything to get involved with the Mountain Ridge Community.


Teachers Are Very Strict: In Middle School, teachers always say “Oh when you get to high school, the teachers aren’t gonna hold your hand…Teachers in high school are worse than college professors, You aren’t prepared for how harsh teachers are in high school”. On the first day of school, that myth was blown away. Coming into school as a tiny freshman, the teachers understand where you are coming from; they were once in high school too.  Teachers here just want to see you succeed, inside and out of school; they truly have your best interest at heart.


Starting a new school year can be pretty scary, for all grades. It’s important to know the truth about high school and to make the most of these four years.