StuGo Welcomes New Freshman

Molly Bomar, Editor in Chief

The Student Government freshman elections took place on Thursday, August 18th, and were officially announced on the morning announcements on Tuesday the 23rd. Each year, 4 new students are added to the StuGo family, but similar to last year, there was a tie and 5 freshmen were admitted: Cardin Cockrell, Charlotte Feitz, Hudson Field, Noah Galligan, and Ethan Girnius.


Most of the students are following in the footsteps of their older siblings: Canyon Cockrell, 2021-22 Student Body Historian, Dawson Field, 2018-19 Student Body President, Ellie Galligan, 2022-23 Student Body Videographer, and Braedon Girnius, 2021-22 Student Body Treasurer. 


“My sister was a great influence to me,” Galligan said. “She has so much fun in StuGo and she is a great role model.”


Galligan also noted how he is most excited to make so many memories during decorating the hallways for spirit weeks, building floats for he homecoming parade, and the family-like style of this extracurricular. 


Along with all of the behind the scenes dedication, the new freshmen are looking forward to the Disneyland trip this November. 


Cockrell admitted she is eager for the trip and to help with school-wide events.


“I saw [my siblings] be a part of something, so I wanted to do what they did,” Cockrell said. 


Similarly Field noted how impressed he was with his siblings and friends who participated in the extracurricular and wanted to assist Ridge in future homecoming and prom festivities.


Fietz is the only new member not following a family tradition. 


I’ve wanted to join StuGo since I was in elementary school,” the trailblazer said. “I really liked the idea of representing my fellow peers as well as helping to come up with new ideas to make Ridge even better!”


Congratulations to these students for being elected into student government for the 2022-2023 school year!