Updates On Campus


Ava Padelford, Co-Editor

The 2022-2023 school year is here, and Ridge has made outstanding updates to the school to make it the best it can be! 


There have been great changes within the gym, the football field and the beach volleyball courts. In the main gym, new floors were put in that have a brighter color with new lines to draw out the court. The football field has brand new LED lights that light up the field so much better than the ones before. Players will have a better view of the game in the dark nights of their season, and Yearbook has indicated that this change will also benefit their ability to take photos. The beach courts added a fence around it which will also soon have a screening all around the fence. This will enclose the court and give more of a sense of privacy for the players.


“It’s exciting to see beach volleyball receiving support for all of our hard work,” shared Molly Bomar, a senior on the beach team. “Balls used to roll out into the streets all practice and we would have to run after them.” 


Every year significant funding goes into Ridge sports to advance competition and our campus. Unfortunately, this year a significant amount of money needed to be spent on repairs due to damage during monsoons. 


“Due to some serious storm damage several weeks ago, the varsity baseball field will be getting an all new outfield fence line and the fencing and screening all around the tennis courts are getting replaced as well,” Paul Strauss, assistant principal, said.


Other improvements on campus stem from a DVUSD Bond allowing Ridge to receive a $1 million renovation to the Media Center. This will give our school new furniture, a few new lounging areas and students will also have areas designated to make a better study environment. There will also be a glass entrance to create a beautiful structure and an easier way to get inside of the Media Center. Lastly, Ridge will be adding an amphitheater in the front of the Media Center which will then be covered and used for students to sit and have lunch along with classes to have another place to learn outside. 


Last, but not certainly least, all classrooms will receive a brand new 86” ViewSonic ViewBoard (high definition tv essentially) to replace SmartBoards which weren’t the most practical for many people and became outdated technology. The new boards will have bright lights and will be bigger allowing the students to see it much easier. 


“I’m pumped because the SmartBoard I had wasn’t very smart!” Mr. Korman, graphic design and yearbook/newspaper adviser, said. “The screen was a square, not matching the resolution of my computer screen, and the projector was terrible. I constantly had to tell students that the image looked a lot better on my screen. That shouldn’t happen in a graphics classroom.”


The new changes are super exciting and MRHS is excited to put these in place to help add extra spice to our campus!