Building the Best Fall Playlist


Molly Bomar, Editor in Chief

As the leaves begin to change and the mornings finally wake you with a cool breeze, music creates a moody, nostalgic, and eccentric season of autumn. Whether it be on the way to school, while carving pumpkins with your friends, or when having a self care evening with a warmly sweet scented candle, crafting a fall playlist with these artists and songs is a necessity this chilly season. 


Taylor Swift

This artist needs no introduction and is relatable year round. However some tracks, especially from her youthful country era, the ever beloved Red album, and even her newly released Midnights, are the perfect soundtrack to watch the leaves fall. The strumming of an acoustic guitar is fluid throughout her music and sounds of melancholy blues while she reflects on the relatable topics of love, relationship trials, and tribulations.


One Direction 

While the group disbanded in 2015, their music is still collectively favored, especially by a teenage girl like myself. Songs like “Walking in the Wind”, “Wolves”, and “Half a Heart” separate themselves from the common pop sound the band often frequented. Listening to these slower melodies with deeper voices will hopefully help create the sweet, melancholy feelings autumn brings.


Cautious Clay

His new release “Burning Up Slow” is an ideal model for a fall track on your playlist. One of his faster paced R&B songs sits beautifully in the air when paired with a cool morning breeze. Clay’s albums Deadpan Love and Blood Type sound of love, hate, destiny, and being in love, harmonized with a low base. His soulful vocals blend beautifully with the changing of the seasons.


Holly Humberstone

Her recent album Can You Afford To Lose Me? is strikingly beautiful with vocals similar to Olivia Rodrigo and Phoebe Bridgers. “Deep End” and “Vanilla”, though originally released as singles, emotionally blend with new songs like “Please Don’t Leave Just Yet” and “Friendly Fire”. The personal ballads resonate with the coming of age audience struggling with the realities of life, all with a stirring resemblance of relatability.


Noah Kahan 

The folk-pop singer has gathered new and well deserved appreciation off TikTok, where his sweet songs “Stick Season” and “All My Love” have recently backed aesthetic videos. “Maine” is a personal favorite where he sings of small towns and of a loved one with an acoustic guitar and fiddle to couple with his soulful voice.


Other songs you should listen to!

  • “Doomsday” by Lizzy McAlpine
  • “October Passed Me By” by girl in red
  • “Love is Back” by Celeste
  • “Motion Sickness” by Phoebe Bridgers


Whether you take my advice or have your own fall favorites to blast through your headphones, romanticizing the season with music is half the fun of autumn!