The Best Of Fall


Ava Padelford, Journalist

The heat of Arizona is finally mellowing out as we step into our fall season. Though we don’t see as much change here as we would up north, such as orange and red leaves, there are so many things we can do to bring the fall spirit to us!


Pumpkin Patches

Nothing screams fall to me quite like pumpkin patches do! Instead of picking up a pumpkin at your local grocery store, take a trip to the pumpkin patch. They have the BEST and most perfect pumpkins you will ever lay your eyes on. 


I grew up in Texas, and every year we would go to the pumpkin patch. It was one of my very favorite things to do. I made so many memories here with my siblings and will always cherish them! 


Road Trips

Taking road trips with your loved ones creates the very best memories. Make sure to get good car snacks, have movies packed and even find some good car games. You can even create an amazing playlist to enhance your car experience. 



Thanksgiving is the day of good food and thankfulness. Stuff your belly and don’t be done without a slice of pie! There is so much to look forward to about the holiday season. The very best part is all of the memories made with loved ones. Christmas is right around the corner too!



Everyone should experience a hayride at least once in their life. The smell of the hay delights the nose and the cool Autumn breeze just feels so amazing. Hayrides are a great thing to do with family and friends and will definitely be something you’d never forget!



From warm pumpkin pie to pumpkin seeds, baking can instantly put you in that fall mood! It’s such a great time to gather your friends and bake some yummy foods. There are countless recipes and creative ideas online, or my favorite, Pinterest. Test your skills and if you don’t have baking skills, learn! Your delicious treat will put a smile on everyone’s face. 


Fall Outfits

There is something so exciting about the fall attire! From jeans to cute sweaters, there are so many great outfits to put together this season! The weather is finally cooling off here in Arizona and bringing out the hoodies and sweatpants is definitely a sign of perfect temperatures! 


Family Time

Spending time with family is one of the greatest joys in this world. Your family are people who make you feel loved no matter what. So whoever that is to you, be with them and be thankful! Go out to dinner, go to the fair or stay home and watch movies! Whichever you choose will be a memory you won’t forget.


Football Season 

From the high school teams to the pros, fall is definitely the time for watching football. Here at Ridge, we have the best student section in Arizona and we get hyped for each game. You can dress up and scream your head off! It’s always a great time. 


With all that being said, fall is definitely a great season full of so many opportunities to make new and long lasting memories. Time will fly, so make the most of this year and all that is to come. Christmas will be here before you know it.