What Your Favorite Christmas Treats Says About You


Ava Padelford, Journalist

There are countless mouth watering desserts people serve around Christmas time. Everyone enjoys their own special treat and has their favorite for this special time of year! There is so much about a person you can uncover based on their choices of food. Here’s what your favorite Christmas treat says about you. 


Danish Butter Cookies:

The sugar added on the top of each Danish cookie just creates a smooth and sweet taste to the buttery cookie and this just makes you so happy! They are always out on the table around the Holidays. If Danish butter cookies are your favorite treat, you probably are an easygoing person. You enjoy the simple joys of life and it doesn’t take a lot to make you happy. You are not a materialistic person, but a person who finds happiness in relationships with others. Overall, you are a wonderful person to be around. 



If eggnog is your favorite Christmas dessert, you are either older and wiser or you just so happen to have the weirdest taste I’ve ever seen. I mean, it’s made of milk, egg, and nutmeg. Three things that you would never guess to be good together. You’re probably hoping for a new phone this Christmas because you’re sick of your iPhone 6 that dies at 20 percent. You definitely pour your milk in before the cereal and your favorite subject is history. Your favorite Christmas movie is definitely “Christmas Vacation” because you feel so inspired by Cousin Eddie when he has his glass of eggnog. You also definitely drink milk straight from the gallon without getting a glass. You spend your days deep inside a book about nature while you sip on your freshly poured cup of eggnog. 


Santa’s Cookies:

If you like Santa’s Cookies you definitely think like a child. This, however, isn’t a bad thing. The fun colors of icing and designs just sparks creativity in your mind. You believe what people tell you about the joys in life and you can find happiness and in everything you do. You’re usually optimistic and hopeful for the future. You are easily entertained and have a creative mind. You definitely are the type of person to perfect your decorated cookies for Santa, and he sure does enjoy it. 



Hot Chocolate:

If hot chocolate is your favorite, you are an enjoyable person to be around and you tell good stories of your greatest adventures. The warm cup of rich chocolate reflects your warm heart for others. You like to sit around the fire with your loved ones and have great conversation. While you love telling stories, you are also a great listener who truly cares about what others have to say. It doesn’t take much to make you happy. You prefer to stay inside on a cold winter night watching Christmas movies on the couch with a warm cup of cocoa in your hand. 



Gingerbread Cookie: 

Why hello Grandma’s favorite! There’s something about the taste of gingerbread that just brings you home. If gingerbread cookies are your favorite then you definitely have a great taste for fun foods. Because of your willingness to try new and fun foods, you are also open to trying new things. You are, however, a bit of a suck up to Grandma, but I mean hey, it’s hard not to be when she makes dreamy gingerbread cookies! 


Santa Chocolate:

If Santa chocolate is your favorite, you are probably 5 because who truly would die for one of these? There’s a lot to a person if their favorite Christmas treat is a piece of Santa Chocolate. If this is you, you’re fun with an interesting taste. You may like to mix and match your clothes or accidentally wear two different socks on a daily basis. You probably, however, have a great sense of humor and can handle getting made fun of because, hey, you always have those Santa Chocolates to turn to. 


Candy Cane: 

If your favorite Christmas treat is candy cane, you probably are a bubbly person with a bit of spice to you. Candy canes are the same way. They are so minty and can surprise you by their flavor. As for you, you probably have more of a free spirit,  you love to laugh, and you are very outgoing.  You enjoy classic movies from the 80s and you definitely have a pink, blue, or purple painted room. You enjoy the aesthetic of Christmas most of all and it’s your favorite time of the year. 



Sugar Cookie:

Ahh, a classic. Sugar cookie, with whatever magic you want pressed in the center. If this is your favorite, you are a sweet, warm, and always positive person. Everyone enjoys your company and you always know how to encourage and support your friends. You are super smart and can relate to almost everyone which makes you a great friend. You definitely have an appreciation for original Christmas movies and prefer Home Alone 1 and 2 over the newer versions. 


I hope this cleared up any deep personal questions you have about yourself with each description being scary accurate. Enjoy yourself over this wonderful month and Happy Holidays!