The MRHS Band & Orchestra Winter Concert

Ben Jensen, Journalist

The band and orchestra hosted a Christmas concert on Dec. 6 that was absolutely stunning and spectacular. I have been blown away by the talented students who participated in the concert. 


The concert featured 4 different bands/orchestras from MRHS, String orchestra, Symphonic Winds/Band, and Wind Ensemble, which were conducted by Aaron Vogel, and Percussion Ensembles conducted by guest conductor Todd Bertz. 


The first part of the concert was played by the Percussion Ensembles who played “‘Tis the Season”, “Jingle Bells”, “Christmas Time is Here”, and “Nutcracker to Go!”. All of these songs were performed beautifully and really caught my interest for the rest of the concert.


The second part of the concert was played by the String Orchestra. They played “Fantasia on a Spanish Carol”, “A Festival of Lights”, and “A Fiddlin’ Christmas”. This part of the concert really stuck out to me because some of these songs mixed in other popular holiday songs into the original, making them extraordinary. 


The third part of the concert was played by the Symphonic Winds/Band. They played “Noel!”, “A Candlelight Carol”, and “A Yuletide Holiday”. Once again, the band played beautifully and the songs really made me feel warm and relaxed. 


And finally, the last part of the concert, Wind Ensemble. They played the soundtrack of “A Home Alone Christmas” and finished off the concert beautifully with “Sleigh Ride”. This part of the concert made me feel really excited and I nearly started dancing to the beautiful and catchy tunes. 


This concert, to me, was a major success and it was enjoyed by everyone who attended! I highly recommend supporting the MRHS band as they are incredibly talented and deserve their works to be shown and enjoyed by everyone. I highly recommend attending the next concert, or even the Pancake Breakfast this Saturday, where Band will be performing Christmas songs as we enjoy a big plate of warm pancakes