Varsity Girls Soccer Victory!


Ben Jensen, Journalist

The MRHS Varsity Girls Soccer team brought home another victory against Tolleson High School, 4-0, as they continued their undefeated winning streak on Wednesday night. 


We think the team is happy with the win streak, and would like to keep it going to be competitive in the harder regional games coming up,” head coach Ryne Jakubos said.


When the first and second goals were scored by MRHS, the intensity of the game was set and building up throughout the game. In hopes of continuing their winning streak, Coach Jakubos says that they will be listening to feedback and practicing harder and more unpredictable scenarios.


When we practice intensely it translates to games, and when we listen to your feedback at half or what you say to do before games, it helps us win games,” adds Coach Jakubos.


MRHS looks to continue their winning streak as they face off against Valley Vista, later today.