Varsity Boys Soccer Win Against Tolleson


Molly Bomar, Co-Editor in Chief

Varsity boys soccer secured their third win this season against Tolleson Union 4-1 on Wednesday, January 11th. 


“We had to come together as a team,” said Coach Dustin Fechner. “With so many players playing on different club teams and adding a new coach, we have to be able to gel.”


Senior defensive and midfielder Matthew Taylor scored a goal in the winning game. 


“We were able to get [the win] by trying new things in our formation,” Taylor said. “It’s exciting to see some success.”


The boys are 4-3-1 this season and face off against Maryvale  this coming Friday, January 20th. 


“We had some exceptional play from some of our key players, so moving forward, they know we can play at a higher level than before,” Fechner said proudly.