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Volunteer Club

RR: What is the purpose of your club?

The purpose of the Volunteer Club is to introduce students to community service. They are given the option to volunteer anywhere they please. In this club, they are given the resources to know how to apply their hours whether it be college applications or using a volunteering supervisor as a reference. And if they are struggling to find a location, are able to reach out to the officers for direction. They also welcomed to reach out to peers to volunteer together making it all the more fun.


RR: How do students join your club? 

Students may join the club by Remind code either by visiting the teacher who hosts the club or asking someone they know for class code on Remind. From there, their school email is collected to enroll them in a canvas class.


RR: What sorts of activities does your club participate in?

We try to have a “field trip” as frequently as possible. This is where a location and time is scheduled and students meet up, outside of school, to volunteer all together. Monthly meetings are held with updates on these field trips as well as volunteering opportunities and internships they are encouraged to apply to. At the end of the semester, a party is held with a treat for all the hard work they did.


RR: Who do you believe would be interested in joining your club and why? 

Anyone who wants a leg up on their future college applications, career exploration, or wants to help out their community. All grade levels are welcomed to apply and there are no GPA requirements to join. As long as you can consistently produce service hours, sign up today!

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