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Mock Trial

RR: What is the purpose of your club?

Mock Trial hopes to instill in all members that the Justice/Legal System is something that we truly should appreciate. The idea of due process (the judiciary) is an aspect of our nation that many authoritarian or theocratic governments fail to install. As such, innocent people are imprisoned for doing no harm while having no chance to defend themselves. Mock Trial impacts MRHS because it not only encourages a new generation of attorneys and justices, but also possesses the power of student voice to encourage change, enhance our communities, and reach out to causes needing support and attention.


RR: How do students join your club? 

Students join in the fall after Club Rush via Remind. Students unfortunately cannot join in the winter or spring since learning court procedures and processes are crucial to learn in order to participate in practice cases and ultimately, regional competition.


RR: What sorts of activities does your club participate in?

A real-life practicing attorney (or two) typically attend each meeting and teach students about court processes and procedures including opening and closing statements, types of objections, direct and cross examination of witnesses, etc. Then students practice using a past Mock Trial case. Finally, official teams are selected for our official problem (the case) of the year. These students work countless hours prepping on the case and practicing their skills. These teams will compete against other schools no less than four times (twice as prosecution, twice as defense) at the Maricopa County Municipal Courthouse in front of a real judge who will score the teams. The competition is fierce and MRHS is one of only a handful of public schools who compete. 


RR: Who do you believe would be interested in joining your club and why? 

All students interested in law, government, criminal justice, public speaking, and debate are strongly encouraged to participate.

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