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Volleyball Club

RR: What is the purpose of your club? 

The purpose and/or mission of the Ridge Volleyball Club is to promote the sport of volleyball on the campus and in the community.  This club is for students who are passionate about the sport of volleyball and would love the opportunity to increase their competitive level of play whether selected to the school team or through volleyball gatherings. Members will gather for socials and games days.  They will take part in our monthly “Volleyball Talk” think tanks.  They will also assist in game day and tournament tasks in support of the volleyball team.  Members can be players, stats keepers, marketing students, greeters, score keepers, line judges and special event coordinators for all things volleyball.  Come join us!


RR: How do students join your club?  

They sign up at club rush or during the school year.  Meetings are during AcaPrep once a month.


RR: What sorts of activities does your club participate in?

 We talk about volleyball.  We watch volleyball matches and discuss strategies, We support our school volleyball teams by attending matches, calling lines and doing the scorebook., We help with the volleyball tournaments on campus. We attend volleyball camps, clubs and play sand for social events.  We assist the programs here if they need help with game operations.


RR: Who do you believe would be interested in joining your club and why? 

Anyone with a passion for volleyball, reffing volleyball, coaching volleyball or keeping stats, etc.

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