Ridge Varsity Girls Soccer Against Liberty

Ridge Varsity Girls Soccer Against Liberty

Ava Padelford, Co-Editor

The girl’s varsity soccer team went against Liberty in an away game and lost.

Coach Ryne Jackobos said that the best way to regroup after their loss is to have more intense practices with more teamwork. 

“I look at the entire team from top to bottom and stricture practices based on what is needed to bring the best version of our team together week to week,” Coach Jackobos said. 

Coach Jackobos keeps a positive mindset after the loss and always aims to better the team. He focuses on new strategies to come back stronger and win the upcoming games. 

Addison Bird, midfielder for the team said “We need to go at it less aggressively and work on defense.” 

The team as a whole is currently working to better themselves within skill and communication to win their next game.