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Anime Club

RR: What is the purpose of your club?

The purpose of Anime Club is to discuss the topic of anime while bringing together students with

similar interests and providing a space for them to express those interests.


RR: How do students join your club?

Students are welcome to come to any meetings to participate. They will just need to get a permission signed by parent or guardian as we do watch shows that are rated TV-14 or higher. We try to meet every Monday, except for the first Monday of the month, we will meet that Wednesday instead. We also have a band app that students can join that will provide up-dates on meeting times and upcoming shows we will be watching.


RR:  What sorts of activities does your club participate in?

The club is still young and growing, so currently we only meet to watch new shows each month. The current members have been planning new activities to participate in, or conventions to go to. The goal is to eventually do fundraising so this will be a possibility in the future!


RR: Who do you believe would be interested in joining your club and why?

Anyone who has an interest in anime or is curious about it. As with our goal we want to provide a space for individuals with a common interest, and help those who are unsure, find a genre or area that they enjoy. There is a stigma that anime is “weird” which leaves students not wanting to join but as with any form of media, there are the “weird” shows, but there are far more very well written, acted, and animated shows. If you are interested, come check us out, I want to move away from the stigma, it is not the anime that is weird it is the fanbase that can make it weird just as with anything.

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