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Best Buddies Club

RR: What is the purpose of your club?

The purpose of our club is to connect general education students with the Life skill population.   This helps our special needs students feel inclusive on campus.


RR: How do students join your club?

I believe we have about 10 general education students to about 12/13 life skill students.


RR: What sorts of activities does your club participate in?

We have had holiday meetings where students have refreshments, complete a craft with their partners, and create beautiful colored pictures.  We are planning an excursion to watch a school basketball game as well. 


RR: Who do you believe would be interested in joining your club and why?

Any student with a kind heart who is interested in connecting with a special needs student to help the student feel like a part of our school.  The special needs students earn a friend and learn social skills.

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