Girls Soccer Senior Night


Bella Montoya, Journalist

Last Thursday, the Mountain Ridge’s girls soccer team faced off with the number two team in the state! Before the game, the team recognized Kendall Niva, Kristen Miller, and Makayla Bast, and celebrated their Senior Night. This game had so many fans on the edge of their seats.


Going into the game, many players felt worried, since playing against a very strong team. Once they wrapped up Senior Night celebrations, nervous energy filled fans and players alike.


Makayla Bast, 12th grade, described how she felt right before the game. “I was initially worried it would be kind of a tragic game to have for senior night, but we truly played like we belonged.  The team felt like family and pushed each other to be even better!”


Within the last ten minutes of the game, Boulder Creek managed to score one goal, resulting in a loss for Ridge. Although they may have lost, it allowed them to qualify for playoffs!


“It was an emotional night full of love and support that helped us play the closest we have all year as a team. Grateful for everything Ridge Soccer has given me, on and off the field and can’t wait for playoffs,”  Bast expressed whole-heartedly.