The BEST Birthday Cakes


Alexa McClain, Journalist

Recently, one of my very best friends, Ava Padelford, turned 18, and I immediately started thinking about cake of course. Cake is surely delicious, but there are so many options to celebrate the big day. In honor of her fancy 18th birthday this year, here are some of the absolute BEST birthday cake ideas or alternatives to spice up any birthday party!



1. The Donut Cake 

Serving donuts for the cake is a simple, cute, and an all inclusive way to share the birthday dessert. You can get a variety of flavors and make it enjoyable for everyone. Plus, who doesn’t love donuts!





2. An ACTUAL Fruit Cake 

Like fruit? Here’s an idea! It’s healthy, definitely creative, and can be covered in so many different shapes and patterns of your very own favorite fruits.





3. Cookie Cake VS. Cookies for Cake

Imagine this, warm and chewy chocolate chip cookies…mmmmmhhhhh. You could have individual cookies for everyone to grab and go, or you could live out your biggest cookie dreams with one mega cookie. Choose your poison then slap some vanilla ice cream on that bad boy. 





4. Waffle Sticks 

Ever heard of a waffle stick? You can decorate them in flavors of cinnamon, Nutella and strawberry, chocolate chip batter and more!






5. Strawberry Shortcakes 

Strawberries. Whip cream. Spongy shortbread. I think yes! You can get individual shortbread cups and fill them up with whip cream, put some cut up strawberries on top and bam! You’ve got yourself, and your guests, some tasty birthday treats. 





6. Crepes or Pancakes 

Who doesn’t like breakfast for dessert?! These breakfast desserts can be even more enjoyed with a candle on top. It’s just as sweet as a regular birthday cake but instead served at a different time of day! 




7.Brownie Tower 

Make a tower of delicious brownies and let that be the birthday cake alternative. Brownies are delicious and even more enjoyable when everyone gets done singing to you on your special day!




There it is! Top 7 alternatives to the basic birthday cake. These are just ways to make the annual tradition a little different. Good luck with these ideas and have a very happy birthday when the time comes around again.