Everything that could go wrong on a Monday morning.


Ava Padelford, Co-Editor

You wake up on a Monday morning for school… that’s tough enough as it is. You wipe your sleepy eyes that are filled with crust and attempt to look at your phone. It’s no surprise that you can barely make out the numbers of your phone’s clock with your heavy eyes. “Oh good!”, you think to yourself as you see it’s 5:30 am. “Just 5 more minutes…” You set your phone down and fall back into a deep sleep, all snuggly in your sheets. What seems like only 5 minutes later, you hear the alarm again. “6:45?!” YOU ARE LATE.


You jump out of bed, with no time to wipe your sleepy eyes and you get dressed as fast as you can. No clothes clean? Nothing stylish? Darn. You grab the gray sweatpants out of your dirty laundry and throw on your dad’s old sweatshirt. You sit down ready to wash your face and you see a huge pimple forming. “Not today Satan,” you think to yourself as you grab some coverup and bolt to your backpack. To your surprise, your iPad isn’t in there. You run back up the stairs to see the old thing on the charger, but it didn’t charge. Got ya again. No time for shoes, you put your slippies on and head out the door. DARN! You forgot breakfast. 


You run back inside and grab the quickest granola bar you can see. You start your car and see it’s 7:04. You know that if you leave this late you have to pray you make it before that second bell so you don’t get swept. 


Traffic is typically awful if you don’t leave 10 minutes early. You sit at the red light. A minute goes by. Two, then three then you’re wondering if just maybe that light is broken. The light finally turns green and you, who are in fact three cars behind the person leading the line, are ecstatic to finally pass the intersection and get to school on time. The only problem is that the person in front of you is 97 years-old, too old to drive, and they don’t realize the light is green. Once they finally catch on their slow, turtle-like driving slows you down and the light quickly turns red. Darn. You’re stuck. 


After waiting two, then three, then four minutes, the light is green! Time to hit the gas like there’s no tomorrow and your road rage is worse than ever before. You catch up to the old woman who caused you to be so very late and try to zoom by. The only problem is that you’re stuck behind two slow pokes in both lanes. Luckily, the car on the right side finally speeds up and you get over all fast and furious like. 


You pull into the school parking lot and some clueless student is standing right in your parking space. You signal them to move and you check your phone again and it’s 7:25. WOOAH! It’s getting close to 7:30. You finally get to pull into your spot and hop out of the car  because you can’t afford another tardy in your college class. 


You grab your backpack and sprint to the gate. Your spot is unfortunately in the very back and so you just gotta book it. You stumble across a puddle that you didn’t see and SPLASH. Your slippies are drenched with dusty, muddy rain water.


That, however, doesn’t stop you from running to your class. The second bell rings and you enter the room .5 seconds later. You look your teacher in the eye as you pray they don’t send you to sweep. Your teacher looks you up and down; your hair isn’t brushed, you have dirty sweat pants on, your dad’s old sweatshirt and soggy slippies. Your teacher sends you to sweep. 


As you walk to sweep you think “this day truly can’t get any worse”. And you’re right. That was a pretty rough start to your day. Thank goodness it’s only the beginning of the week, and you have 4 more mornings to make up for your terrible, no good, horrendous Monday.