Alexa McClain, Journalist

Oh boy! I may have developed this so-called “disease” a little late in the game, but let me NOT be the first to say that it is absolutely terrible! 


Senioritis is what we seniors in high school like to call the feeling of wanting to get out… like now. We’re just totally over this whole high school thing and are ready to get into the real world. We want to explore. We want to meet new people. We want to be done with this prison!


I currently find myself struggling to have motivation to finish my assignments. Actually, I’m struggling to finish this piece right now. I’ve been working on it now for about two weeks and I’m only three paragraphs in. geez… 


You wanna know something? I used to have a spunk at school. I used to walk these hallways with a smile on my face and a pump in my walk. Now, I’m ready to leave school before I even get here. 


Is anyone else just bored all of the time? I’m so bored that I’ve been starting to take naps in class. You may read that sentence and think, “Umm Alexa, we all take naps in class.” Yeah, well not me. This is a new thing. A side effect of Senioritis perhaps.


Anyways, after you have now read this negative piece, let me encourage you a bit…this is me faking it till I make it by the way.


Try not to rush it. This is one of those moments where old people would look at our situation and, “give everything to be back in high school again’, so,  I suppose we can satisfy our future, older selves by trying to appreciate the little time we have left in high school. After all, it’ll be over before we know it.