Farwell and Adieu


The Last Newspaper Staff (2023)

As the school year comes to an end, so does the school newspaper. For 28 years, The Ridge Review has been the newspaper of Mountain Ridge High School. With the newspaper being shut down, the last staff of the newspaper came together to write final entries to express how much the paper has meant to them. 


The school newspaper has been a huge accomplishment for me. It was the best and one of the only ways I could express my creativity and my passion for history through writing. I worked on the paper for 3 years and my contributions to it go all the way back to my freshman year. When I heard that the newspaper will be coming to a close next year, I was saddened. I feel that Mountain Ridge is truly going to lose a piece of itself. The newspaper has been around since 1995, almost since day 1 of Ridge. For years it has been a well known school newspaper that fell into obscurity. If you were to ask a student today, “What is our school newspaper?” you’ll most likely get a response such as, “We have a school newspaper?”. Through the rest of my high school career I wrote numerous articles and I spread the word about the newspaper. I am very proud of the other writers that have returned to the paper after each year to continue writing. We even have fond memories of making the class fun to be in. We always supported each other and we always expressed our creativity. Newspaper has been by far one of my favorite classes I’ve had in high school


With the articles we wrote and the website we managed, there was one person who always put a lot of care into the paper and ran the show in the background, Mr. Korman, our Digital Communications teacher. He always brings a smile into the class and makes everyone’s day better. He is a very hard working person and he always made me smile and laugh. Personally, I want to thank him for always being a part of the paper and really investing his time into teaching journalism.  


A special thanks to our viewers and Mr. Korman,


-Benjamin Jensen


I’ve been writing for the school Newspaper since my Freshman year. It all began when my older sister got me to join the class because she thought it would be fun for us to have at least one class before she graduated. From that moment on, I have made lifelong friends in this class and have made so many memories I will cherish forever. Every member of this team is amazing, kind and so thoughtful. I have my best friends in this class with me which is also what has made it even better! I’ve grown so much as a writer and have developed skills I wouldn’t have without this class. I’ve gotten to write and put out pieces to bring light in this dark world. I am so thankful for the platform I had to put out my writing. It’s crazy to think that I only have a week left in this class. I have countless inside jokes and can say that this class has been my favorite here at Ridge. Mr. Korman is a bright light in the classroom. He puts so much time and effort into everything he does. He is also hilarious and knows how to bring fun and joy into a classroom. Over the years, we have all bonded with each other, making every trip for our class exciting and entertaining. I will miss this class and all of the jokes and laughs we have shared each day. I will miss sitting in the middle of my two best buds, Molly Bomar and Alexa McClain, sharing life with one another and being together for a short period of time each day. I will miss Mr. Korman and his joyful personality. I am beyond thankful for this class and for all the good times it has brought me. The past 4 years here with this group have been years I will always cherish. 

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.” Colossians 3:23


Mr. Korman,


Your kindness and generosity shows your heart for your students. Thank you for taking time to build relationships with us and for putting your all into teaching. I loved hearing all of your silly stories, going on Newspaper field trips and laughing our heads off together. Thank you for always being so willing to hear new ideas. You’re always open to what we have to share with you and you are open with a loving heart. You always listen and you are just a wonderful person. I will miss you lots, but I know the students you have in the future will love you just as much as we do! 


See ya later alligator!

Ava Padelford


I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the school’s newspaper team. It’s a class that has allowed me to express any thoughts or opinions of mine through writing and is relaxed enough to where I was able to form good relationships with the people around me. We always know how to have a good time in this class, especially when we play Blooket or compete against one another to see who can get the best wack-a-korman score. Plus, it’s been so special being a part of advanced newspaper. We have the pleasure of getting to experience more one on one events out and about downtown on a school field trips with Mr. Korman or maybe even just bowling. 


Mr. Korman, 


       Thank you for being so wonderful throughout these four years. I feel blessed to have been able to know you since my very first year here. I love your humor, the way you care, and the way you listen. I admire how you allow us to have a voice whether that be through our writing or just simply to you. You never shut us down, even if you may not agree, and I thank you for that. Thank you for being thoughtful through your words, kind gestures, and for always making what is important to us important to you. Goodbye (Not forever), Mr. Korman.


Your Favorite, 

Alexa McClain  


Although not many knew about our newspaper, It has held a tremendous impact on me. It allowed me to grow closer to the Ridge Community, and push myself out of my comfort zone. From sophomore year to senior year, I have made contributions that made my love for writing grow, as each piece got published. It’s such a bittersweet feeling, knowing that this isn’t just the end of my contributions, but the end of the program as well. Each year, you grow closer and closer as a tight knit group of journalists, sharing so many memories and laughs that will carry on through the rest of my life. Spending a day in Downtown Phoenix, listening to seminars, and dining together in the bustling city, will always be my favorite memory. This program will always and forever hold a sacred place in my heart; without it, I truly wouldn’t have found my passion. The late great Audrey Hepburn said it best, “Before I’m gone, with gratitude and love, I end. You have truly been a friend”


For Mr. Korman, thank you for always pushing me to strive for more, submerge myself deeper into my pieces, impact the community, and for fueling my fire of journalism. I wouldn’t be where I am without your resilience and determination. You’re a true gem!


Don’t miss us too much,        

            Bella Montoya


I joined newspaper my sophomore year as a new student at Ridge. We were online and I knew truly no one. I told Korman I wanted to make some friends and he introduced me to the one and only, Ava Padelford. That little Zoom breakout room changed my life. Ava later introduced me to Alexa McClain and they both became my best friends soon after. I didn’t only find a community in this class but I found a love for writing in this class that inspired my dream career to one day write for National Geographic. I always knew when I walked into Korman’s that I would spend the class laughing with my friends and working hard on editing my friends’ pieces. I love this class with my whole heart and I am so sad that this class is retiring. 


Mr. Korman, thank you for always lending me a camera for StuGo events! I would not have been able to be our student body historian without you! You have taught me so much about writing and journalism that I hope to carry with me forever. 


Your favorite non jewish jew,

Molly Bomar