Ridge Run


Kelsey Nahodil

The first annual Ridge Run was a fun event that took place on February 10th.

The race drew in 202 participants and the money went toward the athletic department. According to Junior Michael, athletic director, the run was a success and brought in roughly $6000 but some of that money has to go to all the expenses that it took to do the run.

“This year, we are going to be pretty close to breaking even, which means we will use the money to pay for all the services it took to make the event a success,” Michael says.

The race was a 5K(3.1 miles) and started in the bus lain near the varsity softball field. The course went through the campus to Patrick lane and looped around Ridge and Hillcrest before finishing the track inside the football stadium. Of the 200 plus participants there were teachers, administrators, students, and parents in the community.

“It was a blast…having all the people out there really makes running fun and gives you motivation to be out there,” Mr. Rossi says.

There was a range of joggers and runners but there was a winner because the race was timed. Dermot Broderick, sophomore, was the first person to go through the inflatable mountain lion and cross the finish line.

Michael has high hopes for next year’s Ridge Run.

“I want to increase the amount of students and staff at the run next year”.

He was very excited about the run and is looking forward to next year’s race.