2018 Winter Olympics


Cameron Lamb

Ninety seven percent. That is a number we could only dream to achieve on a final exam and an American athlete made that score this year. That’s right, the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games took place this February from the 9th to the 25th in South Korea and some amazing things happened along with some strong controversy. Both Koreas were under the same flag this year, which is a pretty big deal since they have one of the most heavily guarded borders in the world after their dramatic split in the 1950s.

Some controversy that happened this year was with the Russian athletes. You may remember a couple of years ago at the Sochi Winter Olympics where a majority of Russian athletes were caught doping. They used drugs to improve their performance and this year they were disqualified.

But the Olympics isn’t about world events, it’s about the sports and getting the gold! In total, Norway came first in terms of medals with 14 gold and 39 total, with Germany in second with 14 gold and 31 total. The US came in fourth with 9 golds and 23 total which, although impressive is still a far cry from their 2010,  9 gold and 37 total! Not to say there weren’t any amazing feats this year.

One participant in the Olympics named Chloe Kim is only 17 and won a gold metal for the US on the half pipe! She is the youngest woman to ever get a gold in snowboarding. Her parents immigrated from South Korea, making the Olympics all the more special for her. She had a score of 93.75 after dominating the half pipe. Another 17 year old Red Gerard won the US a gold in Slopestyle snowboarding but he overslept because he watched too much Netflix the previous night. He had a score of 87.16. These two teens have achieved what is near impossible for people who are double their age which is quite the achievement.

The last person who should be mentioned is Shaun White, who also got a gold medal in the halfpipe with a nearly perfect score of 97.75! He even outperformed the athlete before him who had a 92. In general, the Americans were absolutely wrecking the halfpipe and no one could stand in their way. Although, some people were not happy with Shaun’s victory, as he has been accused members of the “me too” movement, but this hasn’t resulted in anything yet.

Shaun White said he would like to return in the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The Olympics have been held for many years and will continue to be held for many years to come with even more chances for the athletes mentioned to earn their gold medals.