Admit it…


Emma Padelford

There are all kinds of weird things that we’ve done as a kid, and might still continue to do now. Here are 25 things that you have probably done or probably still do.

Admit it if you…

  1. Have slowly closed the fridge door to see if the lights really do go off.
  2. Have excessively used your closet or underneath your bed when your parents told you to clean up.
  3. Have sharpened and used a pencil until it was like 2 inches long.
  4. Have drawn the sun in the corner of your paper.
  5. Have tried to push down all of the colors of a multi-colored pen at once.
  6. Have practiced your signature over and over, just in case you become famous one day.
  7. Have thought that the shape of a heart was what the actual heart looked like.
  8. Have tried to create a secret language or code with your friends.
  9. Have blown the Capri-Sun up with air, after drinking it.
  10. Have accidentally made a little kid cry, then try really hard to cheer them up so you don’t get in trouble.
  11. Have pretended that you were in a sad movie as you looked longingly out the car window when a sad song came on.
  12. Have changed your answers on a multiple choice test because you used that letter too many times.
  13. Have hummed the Disney theme song at the top of your lungs before watching a totally excellent movie.
  14. Have knocked something down in a store, and awkwardly kept walking.
  15. Have lied about your age so you could order something off of the kid’s menu.
  16. Have seen how far the tape measure would stretch before bending.
  17. Have slid your finger on the screen of a computer to make waves.
  18. Have blown bubbles through the straw into your drink.
  19. Used empty paper towel or wrapping paper rolls as swords.
  20. Have yelled “stay” to inanimate objects to stop them from falling over.
  21. Believed that by pulling your blanket over your head, you were safe from the monsters.
  22. Clicked out a long piece of led out of your mechanical pencil, then pretended that it was a shot and that you were the doctor.
  23. Have closed your left eye and then your right eye to see how things change places.
  24. Accidentally called your teacher “mom”.
  25. Have balanced the light switch between the on and the off setting to see what will happen.