Make a Wish Fundraiser


Kelsey Nahodil

The Make a Wish fundraiser was a huge success that Mountain Ridge did this year. A lot of people participated during the spirit week by dressing up in all the different themed clothes throughout the week; students and teachers also donated money to the fundraiser, and everyone was very supportive to the little girl named Sloane. Her family got a lot of support for this fundraiser also.

“We are hoping to do the Make a Wish Fundraiser in years to come, as we have done it for three years, but this has been the best one yet,” Stugo adviser Doug Evans said.

Mountain Ridge collected a lot of money this year. Ridge collected a total amount of over $4000! Sloane was the little girl that the fundraiser was for, and she came out on the Friday before the Make a Wish fundraiser ended, and her mom told shared things that have happened so far and the students in the stands where speechless. This family stood in front of so many teenagers and watched as they all were dead silent.

“We hyped the fundraiser more this year and it did a lot more to the fundraiser to get a better turnout, I think they loved it,” Evans said.

The whole school really came together that week for Sloane, who is related to social studies teacher Candice Roa. Mr. Evans says that this was the best fundraiser that we have done and is very excited to see what the future holds for the next fundraiser we do.

“It was great that we got to help someone in our Ridge family this year,” Mr. Evans explained.

It was such an honor for all the students to be able to think about other people for a little while. They got to see how kids and adults with diseases are affected by all these different events that come up in their life. The students got to experience how good it is to help someone make sure their dream comes true. It also makes the students think about their own lives, and really consider the things they should be thankful for.

The Make a Wish fundraiser is one of the most impacted fundraiser that our school does because it really gets everyone to think about their life and what other people are going through.