Arizona School of Classical Ballet Performs Firebird


Bria Castro

Classical ballet is a form of art that involves precise technique and flow of movement. It originated in Renaissance Italy around the 15th century and requires time, dedication, and a focused mind.

I train at the Arizona School of Classical Ballet where I attend ballet classes, contemporary classes, and rehearsals for our upcoming spring show. My teachers, Irina Abramyan and Hagop Kharatian, are incredibly talented and work hard everyday to help their students learn and grow.

This year, we are doing Firebird, originally choreographed by Mikhail Fokin and composed by Igor Stravinsky. There are many adaptations of Firebird– the version we are doing is about a young prince who stumbles upon a firebird in the forest, captures her, and dances with her. The prince agrees to release her in exchange for one of her feathers that will supposedly help him in a time of need. While wandering through the forest, the prince then sees a group of princesses and immediately falls in love with the main princess. He gives her an apple, but the princesses get scared because they are under the control of the evil Kostcheï. Suddenly, the Kostcheï appears with his monsters and the prince uses his feather to defeat him. The firebird arrives and puts all the bad beings asleep and the prince and princess get married.

Come see our show in May! Information about performance dates and tickets can be found at or by calling 602-494-3400.