Spring Art Show


Chloe Merriweather

Mountain Ridge offers many levels of visual arts classes. Ridge has had students art work recognized on a local, state, and national level. Whether it is drawing with colored pencils, creating 2D mixed media, or very hands on molding clay you’re talented at, there is a class for that. These classes are taught by Mr. Wilfong or Ms. Kaye.


During the spring semester an art show is held in the fine arts building lobby. Judges from different schools come to award the students’ artwork. There are several categories for each level of art. The awards available are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, but there is also a school purchase award, principal’s purchase, and best in show. Taking the classes Intro to art all the way through AP studio art as well as ceramics gives the opportunity to be in the annual MRHS spring art show.


Salma Khatib, senior, was the recipient of the school purchase award which means the school bought her art piece. She has been into art for ever since she was a toddler, and believes that comes from an artistic streak in on her dad’s side of the family. Art means more to Salma than she can put into words. Salma is currently in 2D portfolio, which is a level of art where you are free to create almost whatever you want. Art is something that has allowed her to express more than herself, the process of creating her pieces requires various emotions to come out. The piece she won the award for made her definitely feel very happy, surprised, and proud of herself for having had received this award. It’s really heartwarming to her to know that after four years of art, all the pain and stress was worth it.


“The message that is being expressed in this piece coincides with my concentration, which is basically the idea of involution: the evolution of the inward soul, mind and heart,” said Khatib.


Leslie Simon, senior, was the recipient of the best in show award for one of the pieces in her collection. Leslie skipped drawing 1-2 and Intro to Art and went straight into drawing 3-4, but in her final year of school she is in 2D portfolio. Simon believes her art skills come from her father who is an artist who paints murals. Her love of art has consumed a lot her time and effort, but this award means a lot to her because she sees it a recognition of her hard work. This piece specifically was created for a scholarship contest for Doodle for Google. It represents Leslie’s hope for the future, the elements of what she thinks what be the perfect world.


“Art represents an ideal world to me because when you’re drawing or painting you can create anything that you want.” said Simon.


Ridge’s art program means a lot to many of the students on campus. Whether students are taking one of these art classes just to get a fine art credit or because they want to incorporate it into their future, students will enjoy and learn from some aspect of the class. Art can be seen as an easy A class, but if you look harder these classes can teach a lot: observation skills, history, and creativity. The 2019 spring art show was filled with amazing art. Ridge is proud to have so many talented young artists.



2019 Art Show Award Recipients

Claire Wells- MRHS Senior of the year and the superintendent’s choice award

Lauren Pavey- Staff choice and Principal’s purchase awards

Salma Khatib- School purchase award

Leslie Simon- Best in show award