What About AP European History?


There are many different choices when it comes down to which classes to take, especially for one’s senior year. It’s really quite the predicament; one that many struggle with when considering credit necessities or how quickly registration deadlines come around. Still, there’s a new option available to students next year, one that I think might be of some interest to history lovers.


Next year, Mr. Rosinbum will be teaching AP European History; the class will be taught similarly to his own AP U.S. History class, which is one often taken by juniors here at Ridge. The course begins with the Renaissance and Reformation era in Europe and will end on the topic of contemporary European affairs.


Considering that the class is set to start up next year, for those who have enrolled the experience should be unique and interesting (with lots of improvisation on behalf of Rosinbum). It’s going to be experimental, but if the class kicks off, it’ll likely be interesting and a good bit of fun.


So, as one of Rosinbum’s AP U.S. History students, I advocate on behalf of both him as well as the rest of my class for any interested students to sign up for the experience whenever it becomes available; I do think that it’ll be a treat.


That does bring up another thought, however, that being whether or not students should also choose other lesser known classes that are offered by the school. I recommend that everyone should sort through their registration catalogue next time in search for any lesser known classes that seem valuable and interesting; it’s always great to strive for new experiences, and help fledgling programs grow.