Ridge Really DOES Have Talent


Mountain Ridge had its second annual talent show yesterday, appropriately named “Ridge Got Talent”, which featured multiple performances from Ridge staff and students; it started at 7:00PM and ended around 8:15PM. 


The show was both endearing and comedic, which reflects the performances that were featured last year. Yet, this year featured some performances with heightened effects that made the experience absolutely dazzling even from the seats in the far back. 


Multiple vocal performances were held at the show, including Ridge’s principal Mr. David Vines. Vines performed with an acoustic guitar, while Ridge teacher Erin Chisholm and student Gale Parcell sang beautifully in their solo performances. 


Two dances were performed, that of a Traditional Indian Dance which featured Mokshi Joshi, Pranavi Vuppala and Imani Ralph, with a second dance being performed later in the show by Ridge’s Bollywood Dance Club. 


An excellent reprisal of last years “Mama Mia” performance was made by Mrs. Moore and other members of Ridge faculty; Mr. Baumstarck and Mr. Romero faced off in a spectacular Star Wars duel, while Mr. Singleton gave a unique performance by flaunting his fortune telling skills. 


The talent show was finished off once again by Ridge’s iconic Drumline, who gave their all in a brief yet amazing performance. 


Mr. Vines won first place in the show, with Romero and Baumstarck taking second and third being tied between Singleton’s act and the Mama Mia performance. With his first place victory, Mr. Vines won a shiny gilded star trophy. Nonetheless, this treasure wasn’t the true success of the talent show. 


As of right now, the show has helped raise $1883.85 towards the Phoenix Children’s Hospitals Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders in order to support cancer research after the passing of former Ridge student Logan Flight. 


The shows proceeds went to a good cause, with the performances themselves being amazing; there’s no reason not to buy a pair of tickets next time Ridge Got Talent is featured on the announcements.