A Second Year Chemistry Class


For those students interested in taking another dual-enrollment class, Mr. Stein is working on introducing Chem 151/152, a second year Chemistry class. This class will benefit students along with giving them another way to earn college credits while still in high school. 


Currently, the only way for students to take a second year of chemistry is to take AP Chem. If people are interested in chemistry, but don’t want to take an AP class, then this second year chemistry class, which will go into further depth of all the things learned in the first year of chemistry, would be a great opportunity. The dual course also gets students 8 college credits, which is more than the typical 6 students earn from a year-long dual class.  


Along with being able to take another class in a subject that interests students, it will be a class that targets those who want to go into various careers that could require a chemistry background.


“This is a second year chemistry course meant to meet the needs of students interested in pursuing a degree in medical, engineering, technology, science,” says Mr. Stein.


Even if chemistry is a difficult class for students, this is an opportunity to challenge themselves and allow them to think critically. In a first year chemistry class, students will go over the basics a little bit but overall the second year Chem class is where students will be able to apply concepts. 


Stein says, “Since students have the fundamental chemistry concepts mastered, we will be able to cover more applicable concepts of chemistry.”


Some of the included units in this course are rates of reactions, acid-base equilibrium, and thermodynamics. Course prerequisites include having taken chemistry before and earned at least a “C,” regular or honors, and a student must have taken high school algebra. This class will target students who are juniors and seniors because of the regular chemistry being offered in the sophomore year.


Mr. Stein is eager for this class to make to offer another course for those who want to pursue a degree that deals with chemistry. The fact that this course will offer college credit in high school will help cut back a little on the cost of college since it is getting so expensive.


“There is a growing need for students to earn college credit while in high school since the price of college is getting more expensive,” Stein stated.


Unfortunately, it looks like this class will not have enough students who signed up to be introduced next year. 


This is a great idea for a class in the future and hopefully after hearing some of this information about it, people will show an interest in a second year chem class.