Ridge Run Review


*Taken from the Mountain Ridge Twitter page

The rain couldn’t stop the Mountain Ridge athletic department from having another successful year with the Ridge Run on Saturday, Feb. 22 as many students, parents, staff members and community members came out to participate in the 3rd annual Ridge Run.


Although one of the main purposes of the Ridge Run is to raise money for the school, getting people to come out and have a good time is what really matters to those who put it on. This is a very good way to get the community together in something very fun and is something very beneficial for those looking for a good workout on a Saturday morning.


“It was super fun to be part of it and it looked like people enjoyed the experience,” Junior Michael, athletic director, said.


The Ridge Run is something that Mountain Ridge has done for the last three years. The Ridge Run took place on Saturday the 22nd and it had a wonderful turnout. Regardless of the rainy weather, the community continued to have a wonderful time. The rain did not ruin the event but actually made it more interesting and fun to all that participated.


The school took many different platforms to get the word out for the run. The ways they advertised the run consisted of flyers, social media, and announcements throughout the school to reach not only students at school but also those in the community. All this was done in the hopes of a large outcome of people participating.


The event had a total of 173 registered and somewhere in the low hundreds attended. Normally there is no proceeds from this event because Ridge breaks even after all the costs come out. But, again, the important part was having fun and getting the Ridge community together. The fun of getting exercise in with friends and family has become a great tradition at Ridge, which Michael hopes will continue into the future.