Get Ready for Promchella 2020


Upperclassmen all over the country are mourning the loss of prom, a rite of passage event many were looking forward to. Despite the devastating delays caused by Covid-19, a group of Arizona juniors and seniors are working together to throw a prom of their own to commemorate the year, and give the class of 2020 the night they deserve.


Promchella will be a 2 day statewide prom scheduled to take place on July 17th and 18th. The venue has not been disclosed yet, but it will be located somewhere in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. 


Austin Morrow, class president of Chandler High School and president of the Promchella Student Advisory Board is working with Nick’s Menswear owner Josh Fink, a team of sponsors, and some of the best event planners in the state to give students back their prom.


“If this event is deemed safe to have in July, this event is going to be bigger than any of these high school kids have ever seen,” says Fink. 


The party is set to feature live music from local and national artists, DJ’s, food trucks, dancing, and a firework show to conclude both nights. The FAQ page on the Promchella website gives more information for students, parents, potential vendors, and sponsors. 


Although so much is still uncertain, and despite the effects of the coronavirus canceling events all the way through the fall of 2020, thousands of students across the Valley are counting down to Promchella. 


“This opportunity is giving so many people the chance to make these experiences, to go on with their lives, to bring back closure, and to bring the high school experience to an end,” says Austin Morrow. 


Early Bird tickets are set to go on sale for $70 before June 1st, and all ticket proceeds will go toward local charities. Single tickets will admit a prom-goer for one day, but there will be bundle-deals so students have the opportunity to attend both days. 


For more information, please visit for more details and follow @PromchellaAZ on Instagram for upcoming information.