COVID-19 Regulations for Fall and Winter Athletes


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March, schools across America have been implementing health codes and regulations to keep their students safe, in and out of the classroom. 


DVUSD’s fall and winter sports programs are no different; district benchmarks have been set for seasonal sports programs to keep social contact and the spreading of germs to a minimum.


According to Junior Michael, the athletic director at Mountain Ridge, such policies will be implemented throughout the school year at all sporting events.


“We will be enforcing face coverings and social distancing,” Michael said. “Additionally, we will be limiting the number of spectators in the stadium.” 


Due to the limitation of in-person seating, Ridge will be broadcasting live from social media platforms. The volleyball team has already been able to stream their games live via their Instagram page. 


“We are working on having streaming capability for gym and stadium sports,” Michael said. 


The school district has guaranteed athletes’ health will be regulated with the help of those at home.


“These types of practices [like COVID testing or temperature taking] will be conducted based on parents and guardians suspecting their child has been infected or has had close contact with someone who has been infected with COVID-19,” Michael said. 


Although the situation has not yet occurred, Michael noted that a student who contracts COVID will have to quarantine for 10-20 days before they can play. 


“Depending on the circumstances, the entire team could suspend practices for up to 8 days,” Michael said, under the circumstances that more than one student is sick.