Parent Teacher Conferences in a Pandemic


Mountain Ridge High School will be holding their first virtual parent teacher conferences via zoom next week.


It’s that time of the school year again – parent teacher conferences! With the country still coming off of lockdown because of the pandemic and the many health risks that inevitably come with in-person meetings, Mountain Ridge High School has decided to hold their parent teacher conferences virtually via zoom on Thursday, October 22, 2020.


The outcome of the whole process is unpredictable because of the tentative circumstances, so many parents might have questions and concerns regarding the whole situation. Vice Principal Breanne Cole took the time to answer some potential questions curious parents might have to provide as much additional information as she could.


According to Cole, “MRHS will be sending out information to our parents via email as well as text and phone. This way we utilize additional information we have on file. This is also the best reason to fill out your back to school forms ASAP and correctly!”


The complete reliance on technology during this time leads to many communication issues, but every parent will be notified about their meeting details in a timely manner.


Most parents utilize power schools to view their children’s grades and might wonder what they would gain from these conferences if grades are updated daily on power schools already.


Cole responded, “Parents use these conferences for a variety of reasons and we encourage them

to reach out to teachers always and this is a clear avenue to afford teachers some of their work day

to facilitate this. Additionally, we want parents to understand the expectations for the children as

well as to hear positives as well.”


Scheduling conflicts is also a major problem because of the virtual environment. Not everyone is

available to join a zoom call on a business day.


“Parents always have the option at any time, or in this case if there is no times available or

availability in parents schedule, to reach out to the children’s teachers to discuss individual

concerns via email, phone call, or detailed note home.” said Cole.


It is unknown to both the parents and the school staff whether or not virtual parent teacher conferences will be efficient or successful, but everything will be organized to the best of its