The Obscure Legend of King Gizzard

The Obscure Legend of King Gizzard

Y’all ever heard about King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard? It’s not a band I’ve talked about  much. I found out about this band by looking around for cool band covers, when I saw this  particularly interesting oil painting background with the name: “King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.” It wasn’t until later I decided to give their music a listen. I was glad I did. 


King Gizzard has released an astounding 15 albums in 10 short years, and cover many genres  from rock, to jazz, and even thrash metal of all things. It’s almost become a joke that if you didn’t like  what Gizzard is doing now, they’ll be doing something completely different within the next 8 months or so. 


I’ll go over my introduction to the band, the album “Nonagon Infinity.” Fun fact, a nonagon is a  polygon with 9 sides, and the songs seam into each other in a way that you can listen to all the songs for literally ‘till the end of time, backwards or forwards.. The very first song, “Robot Stop” is a high energy introduction to the  album, with banging drums and very relaxing guitars. The music videos for Gizzard are all incredibly  entertaining. Whether it’s flashing renders that create surreal animations, or live action skits that  exemplify the wackiness of the group and how they hang out together. “People Vultures” and its  predecessor “Gamma Knife” is an exemplary addition to the album and a good representation of the  band’s high energy songs, and to end it off with the hard beat and riffs of “Road Train.”


Some other tracks I found pretty good to listen to are “Self-Immolate,” the previously  mentioned thrash song, which really shows how King Gizzard is capable of producing many types of  music. The aptly titled “Slow Jam 1,” “Slow Jam 2,” and “Satan Speeds Up” scratches an itch for  music I didn’t even know I had. 


The last thing I ought to mention is the so-called “Gizzverse,” which attempts to piece together  lore from different songs and music videos that the band has created. I personally looked too hard into  it, but if that’s your thing then you can go down that rabbit hole. 


Well, that’s about it for my King Gizzard propaganda. Hopefully if you’re into some weird or  overlooked music, you could find something that you can enjoy. I feel the most memorable songs are  the ones I least expect to be good.