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Drawing by Molly Bomar

July in Glendale

Molly Bomar, Journalist May 12, 2021

A little poem looking forward to the deep and heavy summer ahead:   The sun is pounding the cement in Glendale. Palms sway gracefully to a silent, unheard anthem; their leaves dancing. With few window open, most shutters are closed...

Sailboats at Sunset by Ferdinand du Puiguadeau

Angry Nation

Molly Bomar, Journalist April 12, 2021

Anger will stain your mouth,  break your bones,  poison your brain.    It will bury you in sorrow,  eat you up,  spit you back out,  lingering for more.    It will find its way under your skin,  into your...

The Beautiful Seasons


Molly Bomar, Journalist December 9, 2020

Oh, for time is a fickle thing, Everlasting and ever-changing.   The morning dew woken early by a summer breeze  and the flowers bloom. They sit upon a hill, basking in the glow of the midday sun,  breathing in the sobs of a quiet...

The Obscure Legend of King Gizzard

The Obscure Legend of King Gizzard

Ethan Pendegrass, Student Writer! October 26, 2020

Y'all ever heard about King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard? It's not a band I've talked about  much. I found out about this band by looking around for cool band covers, when I saw this  particularly interesting oil painting background with the name:...

A Brief Collection of Poetic Works (I)

A Brief Collection of Poetic Works (I)

Aden Schulze-Miller, Editor in Chief May 5, 2020
“Some Bits of Poetry Written Throughout Quarantine.”
A Fleeting Memory

A Fleeting Memory

Johnathon Henry Class of 2020
Johnathon Henry October 30, 2019

While fall finally rolls around, relieving all Arizonans from the treacherous inferno called summer, and “Spooky Season” officially begins. While it is repeatedly blasted from the school’s announcements each morning, it feels as though the magic...

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