Angry Nation


“Sailboats at Sunset” by Ferdinand du Puiguadeau

Molly Bomar, Journalist

Anger will stain your mouth, 

break your bones, 

poison your brain. 


It will bury you in sorrow, 

eat you up, 

spit you back out, 

lingering for more. 


It will find its way under your skin, 

into your veins, 

and raging until it finds your heart.


It will leave you blood-soaked and sick,

desperate for something to save you.


But only when you find the courage to swallow your pride,

overlook the imperfections,

and love your neighbor 

will you ever find peace within the destruction. 


There will still be fires that cast shadows 

and smoke on the horizon, 

but only then will you know what it means to leave your wretched soul behind

and finally breathe fresh air in this broken nation.