Tourist Spots for Locals


Isabella Montoya, Journalist

Living in Arizona suburbs, you constantly see the same things. Cacti, houses that look the exact same, desert, local restaurants, more cacti, more desert. It gets boring pretty quick when we see the same things over and over again. Thankfully, I have compiled a list of some of the best places to go when you need a break from good ol’ Glendale. 


1.Jerome, Arizona. If you’re looking for a good spook, look no further. This old town, established in 1899, is historically known as a ghost town. The most notorious building in the town, Jerome Grand Hotel, was originally built as a hospital. Many historians believe that around 9,000 people died within the hospital, which is quite an alarming amount. On the other hand, if you are looking for more of a light-hearted experience, there are great shops, restaurants, and amazing scenery. Something to remember is that the town sits at about 5,000 feet above sea level, and the drive up to the town is steep and the road is very narrow. I’d say keep your fingers crossed and eyes closed while going up the hill. 


2.Tempe, Arizona. Home of the Arizona State Sun Devils. Surrounding Tempe is a lake where people are almost always kayaking, rowing or canoeing. It’s a good way to go around the city while getting in a nice workout. They have fantastic restaurants and unique shops, including Pedal Haus Brewery, Loving Hut, and the Mill Avenue Shops. The town was founded in 1894, and has a lot of history scattered around. It’s definitely a must-visit place.


3.Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. There are countless things to do, see, eat, etc. Growing up in Arizona, I would always spend my days downtown, learning about the city, the people, and the culture. Some of my favorite restaurants include Two Hippies Beach House, Taco Guild, Ahipoki and Potbelly’s. The food downtown is always delectable and never fails to satisfy your cravings. Once you’ve gotten a bite to eat, you definitely should go check out some neat buildings! A few of my personal favorite places to go include The Arizona Science Center, CityScape, Roosevelt Row, and the Orpheum Theatre. All of these places give you a great experience of the downtown area with history and culture surrounding it. 


4.Morman Lake, Flagstaff. About two-and-a-half up North, you will find the small, yet breathtaking town of Morman Lake. There are wonderful outdoors activities people of all ages can enjoy. Fishing, off-roading, horse riding, even dirt bike racing! Enjoy a nice home-cooked style meal at the Morman Lake lodge while you enjoy some sweet country music, take in awe of the wall of taxidermied animals, and you could even play chess. Take about 20 steps left of the lodge and you will find yourself at the local convenience store, selling all kinds of candies, snacks, and souvenirs to remember your trip to good o’l Morman Lake.  It’s a great escape from the valley and a good opportunity to fill your lungs with nice fresh air.


Sources: Is Jerome Grand Hotel the Most Haunted Place in Arizona? By Mark Nothaft