How to Apply for a Job


Isabella Montoya, Journalist

Being a teenager requires one thing: money! But it doesn’t just magically appear in your bank account. So you are faced with a problem, How are you supposed to get money? Aha! A job!  Oh wait, you don’t know how to get a job? No worries, not many people do! But to break it down real simple, just keep reading.


  1. Imagine yourself working at different places: Even before you try to apply, try and picture yourself working at different establishments. It could be a restaurant, clothing store, or even a grocery store. Whichever you feel the most drawn to, you should pursue. 


  1. Create a Resume: A resume will allow you to seem very responsible and mature. Just write down any prior job experience, any awards you’ve won, positive competencies you exude, anything that would make someone want to hire you. 


  1. Find places that are hiring: Any time you are out and about, feel free to ask if an establishment is hiring. You can even check online if you don’t feel like going out.  And don’t be afraid to ask any employee if they are hiring.


  1. Fill out an application and schedule an interview: Typically, the on-duty manager will give you an application to fill out, and once you complete the application, they typically say, “Ok, we will contact you to schedule an interview”. There you go, now you wait. They should reach out to you within a week to schedule an interview.


  1. Go to the interview: Here’s where most people tend to stress. It’s the fear of the unknown; You have no clue what questions you may be asked, you aren’t sure what the best response is, your mind is racing. To avoid this panic, think about how you would answer the following questions. “Why do you want to work here”… “Why should we hire you”… “What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses”… “Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years”. All of those questions will more than likely be asked during the interview, but it’s important to give your honest answer so they get to know you.


  1. Hear the News. Once you finish your interview, they will typically contact you within the week. Now this can go one of two ways. One, You are hired! You will schedule your first day of training at your brand new job! Good for you, I always knew you could do it! Two, you weren’t selected for this job. Take this with a grain of salt. A part of life is about rejection; learn from this experience. 


Now you know the job hiring process, so you won’t be afraid to apply at other places that will truly value you as an employee.