Ridge’s Earth Club: Working for a Brighter Future

“New Insights on the Future Plans of Ridge’s Earth Club.”


Following the tremendously successful Australian Wildfire fund which pulled in an outstanding $1,600+ dollars, Ridge’s Earth Club is working hard to open up a progressive path for future activities and outstanding feats of activism. 


From group hiking events, to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a lot’s going on behind the scenes of one of our schools most active clubs, many of which were shared with me (which is quite lovely in of itself). 


While a lot of things are still on the back-burner as of now, the idea that seemed to be of the absolute highest priority (although occurring later in the school year) was the most-appropriately titled “Project Pickup,” which entails a long period in which students are to pick up garbage both on and off of campus while sending in their pictures to Earth Club (there was also the proposed idea of students submitting ‘green pickup lines’, however wonderful those may end up being).


Attentive as always, the group plans to stay on the lookout for potential climate strikes in an effort to promote and publicize the global cause as much as possible. Previous ventures in Phoenix and other like areas in Arizona have garnered recognition from local state papers; the club and its members have undoubtedly gained a heavy bounty of respect from their peers and the staff here at Ridge. 


The upcoming meeting is as of now on the 10th of March, it being one which any interested students should definitely check out if they’re available. The meeting is to be held in C-215, Mrs. Schramm’s room (be sure to have a conversation with her if you stop by, as she’s one of the most delightfully kooky faculty members on campus). 


If you’d like to contact the club or its members, there’s a Twitter, Remind and Instagram available. Club officers like Orion Lawrenz are also available to help with any questions or concerns. 


The state of the planet is an incredibly important topic for discussion, especially when highlighted in conjunction with the myriad of political and economic issues found across the globe. Climate change is both real and incredibly damaging; it’s important that we stop its disastrous effects while there’s still enough time. 


Consider that the Earth is our home; our planet needs us, just as we need it. Now’s the time to stand up and be a hero for what really matters, and remember, “there is no plan B.”