Tegan Bernard: Proving Character Counts


Molly Bomar, Co-Editor

MRHS junior Tegan Bernard was recently interviewed by Arizona Sports through his nomination for the Character Counts Scholarship. AZ Sports questioned Bernard on his position on the Ridge boys volleyball team, his classes, and other programs at MRHS he is involved in, like Ridge Media, DECA and FBLA. 


Bernard’s participation in the student-led, Bridge to Ridge program granted his scholarship nomination in showing his outstanding individuality and selflessness. This project has established a safe space for middle schoolers by endorsing positive mental health.


“Since the schools were online at the time the program was created, many students lacked the preparation of getting into high school, and many of these students held valid and important questions about their futures,” said Bernard. “We hoped to ease any nerves that the 8th graders may have had, and to answer questions that these students may have held.”


According to Bernard, the program has received more attention since the article was published. 


“The students’ social emotional health was also in our minds, so creating a personal connection was also important,” the junior commented. “While the zoom interviews have currently stopped, preparation for high school hasn’t.”


As one of the many nominees, Bernard hopes his contribution to the community will grant him the final $10,000 Character Counts scholarship.