Most Creative Halloween Costume Ideas… EVER


Ava Padelford, Co-Editor

Not everyone is super creative with their Halloween costumes. Personally, I am determined to have the best costumes of all time each time I dress up. People often choose something basic instead of really thinking outside the box. 


Last year, I dressed up as Moses and got all into character. I bought an inexpensive beard on Amazon, along with a robe and used accessories around my house (such as my Jesus sandals) to spice up my look! It’s that simple. Think of something totally random and just stick with it.


Santa Clause 

Let’s bring Christmas to October with the classic Santa look. My best friend, Alexa, had this idea last year and therefore I want to share it with you. She took a pillow and stuck it under her giant costume and ordered a grand beard and glasses to top it off. 

Alexa McClain dressed as Santa and Ava Padelford dressed as Moses.


Nacho Liebre

Sometimes you need to grab some stretchy pants and call it a day. It’s the BEST. Nacho Liebre has such an iconic costume from the wrestling rink. It works for boys and girls and is very affordable. Put on the blue pants he wears, some red underwear or shorts to go over them, red shoes, a cape, a curly wig and, to top it off, the mustache. 



Dumb and Dumber

Grab your very best friend and put on the hilarious blue and orange suits that Lloyd and Harry wear to the fancy party. This will allow you both to stand out at any party or while you’re trick or treating. You will get plenty of positive comments and laughs to support your decision.




This may seem like the most basic costume in the history of the Earth and you’re right! But who wouldn’t love to see a classic ghost walking around town? Simply take a good size bed sheet and cut out eye holes and you’re done! You can also add things like boots and a cowboy hat to spice it up a bit and turn it into a western ghost. There are endless possibilities with this one.

Molly Bomar and her friend on Halloween night of 2019!

Mama Mia Girls

Go grab your girls and put on your matching 70’s inspired outfit the girls wore on stage! Grab some flowy pants and you’ll become a true dancing queen. It’s a cute and fun way to spice up your Halloween night with your best friends. 


The Beatles

Who doesn’t love a good group throwback costume? Grab three of your best buds and put on a groovy outfit that the Beatles would’ve worn. Goodwill has tons of options for cool 60s and 70s clothes that are super cheap. 




A few years ago, I dressed up as Sandy from Grease and it was such a fun and easy costume! I wore black leggings, a black shirt, red vans and I curled my hair super big. I already had the leather jacket so I printed out the iconic T-Birds logo and taped it to the back of my jacket.  There are multiple looks to recreate from this fun 50s inspired movie!


Scooby-Doo Gang

Grab your best friends and assign a character to each person from the show. Everyone will know exactly who you are and will absolutely love it! 


Shadow Man

Order a skin tight all black full bodysuit with a face cover. In the darkness of Halloween night you will appear as a shadow, or not be seen at all, depending on how dark it is. Then, you will be able to run around and scare people to take candy without anyone knowing. So sneaky!


You can spice up this look by putting glow sticks all over yourself in the shape of a stickman. These are super cool to see and are very creative. 


Now that you have plenty of fun and fresh costume ideas, don’t complain about not knowing what to be. Just pick one of these! No one will ever forget it.