KNIX Secret Show 11


Ava Padelford, Co-Editor

The final Secret Show of the year was on September 22! This is a show where a country music star surprises the audience the night of the concert. The hosts on the show guaranteed a crazy show that would go down in history. I can surely say that KNIX Secret Show 11 is one I will never forget. 


You can only attend, however, if you win tickets, and my boyfriend was lucky enough to win a second time in a row for us! We attended the 10th show which starred Kane Brown, and it was a great night of singing and dancing. When he called to tell me the news that he got the tickets again, I screamed with excitement!


I knew this show was the last one of the year, so KNIX had to go out with a bang. I began to list all the artists that attended the show previously to try and narrow down the options. I had a few artists that seemed too good to be true, but that I hoped would be there such as Luke Combs, Blake Shelton and Morgan Wallen of course… 


My hopes, however, weren’t too high after all. The opener was “Ernest” and I was so excited! He has great music and did an incredible job that night. He wrote a song called “Flower Shops” which Morgan Wallen has a cover on. I began to connect the dots. 


After the opener, it was finally time to see who the grand surprise was. My heart was racing! The hosts drug out their words and went on and on to add suspense to the moment I had been waiting for.


“And now, your KNIX Secret Show Artist Number 11, MORGAN WALLEN!”


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. One of my all time favorite country artists was standing just a few feet away on the stage. He opened up with the song “Sand In My Boots” and played it acousticallyon the piano. I fell in love with the song all over again. Hearing songs I know, live and raw, makes it so much more exciting. It also helped me have even more of an appreciation for the band with all of their musical talents. 


I will never forget this past KNIX Secret Show, and I’m hoping to be able to go to some next year! This is a concert you’d definitely want to attend!