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COVID from the Teacher’s View

COVID from the Teacher’s View

Ava Padelford, Lead Writer November 18, 2020

The pressure on teachers in school is high due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The format is completely different and it’s nothing like it has ever been before. Each teacher is handling this new way of teaching differently, and some teachers have even quit...

Spongebob Waiting for a Bus at Rock Bottom

“Rock Bottom”: Exploring the Weirdest Episode of Spongebob

Aden Schulze-Miller, Editor in Chief November 18, 2020

Oh, Spongebob, such an iconic word.    Visions of the titular character giggling through sea-fields with his companions, the catchy theme-song and decade(s)-long lifespan of the show are all sure to come to mind when you mention the production...

Behind the Crime

Behind the Crime

Ava Padelford, Lead Writer November 16, 2020

Being surrounded by four caving walls gives time to reflect on the mistakes we’ve made. The ruthless design of the prison cells were made for people who’ve done something wrong. From the outside, people see these criminals as evil and dangerous. Although...

The Top Shelf Restaurant on Deer Valley and 83rd

Top Shelf

Alexa McClain, Journalist November 16, 2020

Top shelf is most definitely at the top of the list for high quality Mexican restaurants.   There are many restaurants here in Arizona with Mexican food given that we live on the border of Mexico, but Top Shelf offers something more… authenticity....

Spirit Week with The Two Daves

November 16, 2020

Check out our Principal Mr. David Vines and Ridge teacher and musician Mr. David Mohler jamming out in this Spirit-Week promotional video. It's a blast!

Ridge Spirit Week! (Nov. 16-20)

Ridge Spirit Week! (Nov. 16-20)

November 12, 2020
Back to Ridge

Back to Ridge

Isabella Montoya, Social Media Manager November 9, 2020

Some students can’t wait to leave school and go off to college, or do their own thing, but for William McEowen, he couldn’t wait to get back.   Five years after graduating from MRHS and finishing his college football career at NAU, McEowen...

Happy Birthday Ben!

Happy Birthday Ben!

All of Us! , The Ridge Review November 8, 2020

Be sure to celebrate the birthday of our writer, Ben Jensen, if you happen to see him around campus! Woo-hoo!  

A Look Into the Cafe

Cabin Coffee Café!

Molly Bomar, Journalist November 5, 2020

Need a caffeine pick-me-up before school? Feeling a little snacky after the last bell? The Cabin Coffee Café has a wintery, log-cabin-in-the-mountains feel, with board games, a fireplace, and a friendly staff to distract you from the Arizona sun pounding...

Two Muslim Women Stabbed in France

Two Muslim Women Stabbed in France

Caitlin Bailey, Global News Columnist November 5, 2020

Two hijab-wearing Muslim women were stabbed near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France by two white Parisian women.    The altercation took place on October 18, 2020. One of the Muslim women, Amel (19), was stabbed 3 times and has since been discharged...

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