There is a Review Among Us


While the world is quarantined from the COVID-19 outbreak. People will always find new ways to connect and have fun with their friends. A perfect example is a popular online game called “Among Us”. 


Among Us is an online game created by InnerSloth, known for the popular Henry Stickman series. In 2018 Among Us was released for purchase on PC and mobile devices. However the player count was very small. The player count barely increased over the years until InnerSloth released The Henry Stickman Collection. This increased the player count by +788.86% in August of 2020 due to popularity of the Henry Stickman Collection. 


Today Among Us is the second most purchased game on Steam, beating Fortnite and League of Legends. It is also Ranked #3 as the most watched game on Twitch, with over 25,360,400 hours watched.


The game has two roles in the game with different objectives. The first role is “Crewmate”. As a crewmate, your objective is to accomplish tasks that are scattered throughout the map to win the game. The crewmate also has to keep an eye out for another crewmate that has been given the imposter role. The “Imposter” role is a role that is randomly given to one or two players. These players have to kill all the crewmates or sabotage a sector on the map to win the game. 


There are two different ways to play Among Us, as well. Playing with a Discord community or using the party chat system in game. Personally, I play with a Discord community because its more easier to make your case about a murder or to even enhance the suspence while playing. However, using the party chat system is difficult for people who type slow. It would be easier if the game included a voice chat, however this is not a feature in the game. Also, Discord community games feel more fair than playing with random people. This is because in a game with random people, the admin (or mod) in the game can be the imposter and will kick anyone out of the server if they call the admin out. However this is a rare occurrence of admin abuse. 


Overall, playing as a crewmate is fun. Each task that is given is very easy to do even though there is little information on how to do each task. You are given a certain number of tasks that you have to complete, however all tasks are different for each player, meaning that in order to win the game each crewmate has to complete all of their assigned tasks. 


Playing as an imposter however is actually more intense than playing as a crewmate. While playing as an imposter you have to strategize your kills, what you should sabotage, and how to get around emergency meetings. An emergency meeting can be called when either a dead body is discovered or if a player presses the emergency meeting button in the cafeteria on each map. When being the imposter during an emergency meeting it feels as if you are in a courtroom, or an interrogation room. If you’re good at lying then it should be easy to get around an emergency meeting. You also have an opportunity to vote a crewmate off even though they are not the imposter. This will help the game go by faster. The imposter is also able to use ventilation shafts as a fast way to travel around the map. 


Playing Among Us is truly fun and I recommend this game to anyone who wants a fun murder mystery game to play with their friends. The game feels fun and suspenseful and is perfect for all ages! Overall I give this game a 9 out of 10.