Finals Prep

Finals Prep

Makayla Bast, Journalist

As we near winter break, and the semester’s finale, the inevitable struggle of final exams makes its yearly deployment. Though this year “finals” will not actually hold the weight of 20% on your grade, the stress of having a test in every class still looms over students. 


To combat the stress that will overwhelm those who are yet to endure a season of testing, there are many ways to prepare for finals week in advance of its arrival. 


One of the best proactive steps to take in preparing for finals is to set up a personal study plan. With six classes all requiring a final test, content will get cloudy and it will feel as if you might start to drown in study guides. A solution to the potential overwhelm is to outline a studying tactic that appeases you. If you are aware that you struggle more with a certain subject you may prioritize its review material and bring up your understanding of what you are unsteady with. This may look like chunking more time for this subject or using weekends just for refreshers in this. This study plan that is specifically designed to what you are insufficient in prior to the exams, will allow you to bring up your proficiency by the end of the semester. 


In addition to a personalized study plan for certain classes, studying a little bit each day is an efficient way to make it through this semester. Rather than spend the final days before the daunting tests under the weight of stress for review, you can space it out over the next few weeks. A few flashcards for each class every night can be a healthy practice schedule in pursuit of that A come December 16th/17th. This easier schedule will allow you more time to review the aspects you are less confident on. With this extended schedule you can now be granted a lighter load the days before your final tests, less initial stress, and a better understanding of the material.


Winter preparation for finals can also be practiced in the allotted time for aca-prep. This time is given for a reason and what better way to use it than to review for the semester’s close. Through Flextime Manager, you have the opportunity to sign up for tutoring from your other teachers or other students. This gift of time shouldn’t be wasted and if you are struggling more than you’d like as the time dwindles, then utilize this resource over the course of the next few Tuesday and Thursdays. Aca-prep can also be a time for homework and review games instead of travel. Get some classmates and quiz each other on what’s upcoming through fun games like Kahoot of Quizziz and you can make progress while still having fun.


My final note of advice to those looking for some help in the coming weeks is to get some rest the night before your tests. There is no worth in pulling an all-nighter of studying for your tests as by the time you walk into class, the sleep you lack will creep in. Your brain will be foggy and less sharp as a result. What more did you really learn in your cram session that you didn’t acquire over the course of the past 4 months of school. Instead try and get adequate sleep the night before and leave the final flashcard quizzing for before school rather than taking the place of your dreams. In the morning also make sure you fuel up by taking in the most important meal of the day. This is a day of hard work for your brain and having energy to power through the struggles will mean you can do better than on an empty stomach.


Best of luck this testing season and remember that there are many ways to prepare. This preparation will give you the confidence in the material you know and in turn help you to achieve the grade you desire. By following these tips, from a seasoned junior, your finals season should go by smoother and you will excel in all of your classes. Study, study, study, get an A on your tests, and then you made it to your two weeks of relief.