Top 10 Things We All Understand When on Zoom


We do the same routine every day; nothing is new anymore. We aren’t shocked when somebody leaves their mic on and shares a few words that maybe shouldn’t be said, or when we get hours of homework at the end of class. We have become zoom pros! Therefore, we can all relate to many things that we have to deal with during class.


We can choose to laugh about it, cry about it, or just agree to have a neutral view. Unfortunately, the online system is very hard for many. It can be hard to get used to something like this. Especially when our world is completely new. This change can make us better people depending on how we choose to view it. Set aside from this, it’s always nice to have somebody to talk to you about the struggles we have with online school. We can also laugh about some of the things that we go through, and many others can relate.


Waking Up 

We all know and understand the pain of having to wake up early every day for something many of us would rather not do. Luckily, with the online environment, it makes it acceptable to sleep in until 7:28 and jump into class at 7:30. Personally, waking up right before class causes my stomach to twist and turn. I worry about my WiFi failing, but I then realize that if it did I’d have a good excuse not to show up for class. 



Hurray! Finally teachers can’t yell at us for having snacks in class. I mean, what are they really going to do about it. Many of them are very sweet and lenient when it comes to having a quick bite. If you’re lucky, your teacher will give you a break and say “go stretch your legs, GRAB A SNACK…” Personally, I stop listening after “grab a snack”. Many times I don’t eat breakfast in the morning, so any chance I get I’ll take it. I am the type of person who respectfully sits and listens to the lecture and waits until snack time to eat. 


Bathroom Breaks

Bathroom breaks are either the peace we need, or the rush of stress and anxiety. Depending on what teacher you have, you may get to experience both. If the teacher happens to go off track, it’s your time to shine! It’s time to run to your happy place and hope that everything comes out ok. Hopefully when you come back you’ll still be on the zoom call. It’s very possible that your teacher will kick you out for not being on camera for that period of time. Why not just ask if you can go to the bathroom? Well that would require you to private message your teacher and pray that he or she doesn’t read it out loud. But hey, you gotta go when you gotta go. 


Missing Important info because the WiFi cut out 

Here’s the big struggle of online; WiFi. If they wifi isn’t working, there’s no going to class that day or turning in your work. Many times the WiFi seems to be working just dandy, and in the middle of the lesson it starts to sound like some creepy horror robot coming in. Then you can’t hear what your teacher is saying, and the zoom kicks you out. Then you have to type in the proxy settings password a million times just to get back in.


Fast Lunch Breaks

Ahh the lunch break. Time to sit back and relax for exactly 30 minutes. That is if you didn’t accidentally work on your homework into your break time. For me, I have the same lunch break routine every day. I run down the stairs the second my zoom ends, and I begin to make myself a delicious lunch. I give myself about five minutes and then run into the other room to watch my favorite show. This way I have exactly 25 minutes with some peace and quiet. I set my alarm for 12:12pm so I can be back in my room for the next class. 


Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms, also known as the most awkward conversation you will ever have with someone that you’ve never met before. Personally, I always try to be outgoing and get people involved. It’s quite unfortunate when you’re the only one in the breakout room with your camera on talking to 5 other black screens. That’s when you realize that this isn’t group work, but independent time. These rooms are always a hit or miss. Most of the time, the students are too shy to talk or share. Sometimes, you’ll get lucky and be in a room where everyone is happy to share, and agrees that the breakout rooms can be fun if people actually participate. My personal favorite thing that happens in there is when the 15 second warning to go back to the main group pops up and in the middle of what you’re trying to say, everyone just leaves. What a great time to have with our peers! 


Forgetting to Mute 

There’s nothing more shocking than when you find out your whole conversation to yourself or the bad words you let slip out was heard by the class and even worse, your teacher. There can be many frustrating situations in class like when you just can’t understand the math problem, or when you are simply done and tired and don’t feel like learning ever again. These events can cause you to become upset and yell a few words. To go along with it, you weren’t muted and now you have created yourself a little reputation. 


Leaving Zoom 

Leaving zoom is one of the greatest moments you will have each class. It’s the feeling of freedom and joy! Leaving zoom at the end of the day makes me dance and sing because I am free of staring at my screen all day. We all know the feeling of hearing our teacher say “alright we’re done for the day, have a goo” and not even staying for the rest of the sentence because we are so happy to leave. It’s not that we don’t like the teachers or the class, but having to sit for 2 hours is very difficult and can be very boring. Let’s just say that the happiness from leaving zoom is far greater than any lunch break or bathroom break we’ll ever get. 


“I like A days better!”

I don’t know what it is about the schedules, but everyone I have talked to about this prefers their A schedule over their B schedule or Vice versa. I truly wish I could enjoy my B schedule as much as A days, but for B days, I swear it’s a never ending day of work. I have my more challenging classes on B days, and I also get the most homework then too. I find my attitude going on a roller coaster throughout the whole week. I’m sad and angry on B days, and happy and excited on A days. We’re not going to always have every class that we like, but it’s definitely a struggle. 


Hours of Homework 

As if we aren’t flooded with work within the two hours of class we have, we also get an excessive amount of homework after. This is an issue that we need to share with our teachers and many have, but it’s also something we all understand and can relate to. It is overwhelming to many and causes a lot of stress. It’s important to also remember that this online system is new to everyone and the teachers have just as much stress as we do. 


These 10 things happen everyday whether we like it or not. One day, we’ll look back and laugh about stressing out over bathroom breaks, and maybe wish we could have those delicious home lunches you don’t get at school. 


Always know, you’re not alone in the new online environment. Other students and teachers are going through the same things you are. You don’t have to be afraid to reach out if you need the help or speak up. Speaking up will help only push towards the change you want or need to have to be successful.